Here at Curve Creative Studio, we’re investing a lot in Virtual Reality, because we really believe that this technology may just mark the future of communications.

We were early adopters of the trend, starting to encourage VR as a solution for our clients a while back and even making a special Virtual Reality portfolio, Curve VR (which you can download on the App Store and on Google Play).

In the past few months, we’ve taken a keen interest in seeing the innovative ways in which others are starting to use this technology, and the latest and greatest VR app on the market is by the ever-forward-thinking New York Times.

We are incredibly impressed by how this app is done, as well as by what it represents.

Subscribers to the print version of the NYT recently received Cardboard visors in the post, and as of a couple of days ago an app is available to download (on App Store and Google Play), where you can watch special, immersive 3D videos related to content featured in the magazine. All content can be watched either using Google Cardboard or on a smartphone in a non-3D but still excellent quality, immersive way (great if you weren’t among the lucky ones to receive a visor!).

The highlight of the videos available so far has to be in the middle of the 6-minute long “Walking New York” video, where you can look down on NYC from a helicopter, making you truly feel as if you’re mid air. However, all of the videos are definitely worth a watch, and we’ll certainly be keeping ourselves up to date on new releases.

This move by the New York Times goes to show that VR is a trend which has truly caught on; it’s no passing phase and and is certainly no longer a novelty for the super technological or a toy for those who can afford Oculus Rift. When used correctly, cheap tools like the Google Cardboard are just as effective as their more pricey counterparts, and we’re thrilled that VR is finally coming in to the mainstream.

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